Know the News: China and the Olympics

China and the Olympics

In just a few short weeks the eyes of the world will turn to China for the 2008 Summer Olympics.  This will be China’s first time hosting the Olympic games.  Explore the issues surrounding this occasion through Facts on File.  (Greensboro Public Library Card Number required – find it, and keep it handy = )You’ll find complete coverage of the Olympic infrastructure and construction, human rights controversy, pollution issues, and the effects of the recent earthquake disaster. 

Explore China further with these resources:

China in the Red  (Online Video) You’ll be prompted for your NC Live Institution and Password.  (Library card number required).  Series: Frontline.  Filmed over the course of three turbulent years, CHINA IN THE RED is a documentary that tells the stories of 10 Chinese individuals — factory workers, rural villagers, and a millionaire entrepreneur — caught up in China’s dramatic, ongoing effort to modernize its economy. Through their intimate personal stories, camera work capturing the unique feel of their cities and homes, and with a soundtrack that includes Chinese rock music reflecting the rawness and energy of a nation in great flux, CHINA IN THE RED offers a view of China that is rarely seen in the West.

China Revealed (DVD) This is the story of the most complex country on Earth, of the dreams and challenges driving its people to look forward– while cherishing the past. Can this ancient civilization survive its breakneck journey into the future? And at what price? This is the story of a great transformation, and of the people in the vortex. (from Discovery HD Theater)

Other Online Resources:

The Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Around the Rings – News and forums about the Olympic Games in 2006 (Torino, Italy), 2008 (Beijing), Vancouver (2010), and London (2012), as well as information about host bidding for the future games. The site also includes news and links about the international and national Olympic committees and related matters. 

Rome 1960

Rome 1960

Recommended Reading – in the good old fashioned BOOK format….
Author Maraniss weaves sports, politics, and history into a tour de force about the 1960 Olympics. Along with the unforgettable characters and dramatic contests, there was a deeper meaning to those days at the dawn of the Sixties. Change was everywhere. Old-boy notions of Olympic amateurism were crumbling. Rome saw the first doping scandal, the first commercially televised Summer Games, the first athlete paid for wearing a certain brand. In the heat of the Cold War, the city teemed with spies and rumors of defections, and every move was judged for propaganda value. While East and West Germans competed as a unified team, less than a year before the Berlin Wall, there was a dispute over the two Chinas. Fourteen nations were being born in sub-Saharan Africa. There was increasing pressure to provide equal rights for blacks and women. The world as we know it was coming into view. Read the First Chapter Excerpt.