What are you reading?

Join Greensboro in the city-wide literary festival, One City One Book.The Pleasure Was Mine by Tommy Hays  This year, the title selected is

The Pleasure Was Mine by Asheville author Tommy Hays.  It is a brilliant novel about love, loss, marriage and family.   Prate Marshbanks is slowly losing his wife Irene to Alzheimer’s. To complicate things, Prate’s son, Newell, a recently widowed single father, asks Prate to keep nine-year-old Jackson for the summer. Though Prate is irritated at first by the presence of his moody grandson, during the summer his feelings toward Jackson change as his grandson helps him care for Irene. As Irene’s memory fades, Prate, a hard-working man who has kept to himself most of his life, has little choice but to get to know his family. The author describes these contradictions as the irony of joy that is found in such devastating loss.   Despite the subject matter, this book is not a downer. 

Take a look at the back story the author has written about how he came to write this story, or read the comments of others who have read it. 

There will be plenty of opportunities to explore of themes of this book: attend a discussion – these are led by a facilatator, and open to everyone; or come to one of many free informational programs about Alzheimer’s, aging, and caregiving.