Tom Cruise’s latest, Valkyrie, opened Christmas day.  The film depicts the true story of an attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler, which took place on July 20th 1944 and was led by a patriotic German officer named Claus von Stauffenberg.  

The reviews have been mixed at best, but the film is not without suspense.  More importantly, as News and Record freelance columnist Rosemary Roberts writes, “It refreshes your memory about a chapter in World War II history and compels you to confront a question that Stauffenberg had to answer: How do you respond to evil? With silence or action?”

You can read other reviews of the film here.

If you’ve perhaps seen the film and want to read more about the July 20th plot to kill Hitler, Greensboro Public Library may have something for you.  Our books on this topic include:  Operation Valkyrie:  The German Generals’ Plot Against Hitler by Pierre Galante, with Eugene Silianoff; The Men Who Tried to Kill by Hitler by Roger Manvell and Heinrich Fraenkel; Tormented Loyalty:  The Story of a German Aristocrat Who Defied Hitler by Christopher Sykes; The History of the German Resistance, 1933-1945 by Peter Hoffmann; Twice Through the Lines:  The Autobiography of Otto John; and My Father’s Country:  The Story of a German Family by Wibke Bruhns.


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