Libraries Are Getting Busy (As If They Weren’t Already!)

Here’s a News and Record article about how busy the libraries in Greensboro and Rockingham County are getting during these tough economic times.  It includes an interview with Greensboro Public Library Director, Ms. Sandy Neerman. 

Increased library traffic seems to be a national phenomenon.  Lest you think otherwise, check out these reports and articles on libraries in Palm Beach County, Florida; Los Angeles County, California; Palos Verdes Library District, California; Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; Northeast Ohio; Ramsey and Washington Counties, Minnesota; and Madison, Wisconsin

Queens Library (New York City) boasts the largest circulation of any library system in the country; and in August they reported once again another record for circulation during fiscal year 2007-08.   

And here’s an Odum Library blog (Valdosta State University, Valdosta, Georgia) with an MSNBC video clip about the role of libraries during the downturn.

Though this is anecdotal, I think much of the increased traffic must come from job hunters.  I know every day I help people with tasks such as searching for employment and writing resumes. 

Check out this recent post for some of the library’s resources for job hunters.


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