War Between Hamas & Israel

Israel and Hamas have now been fighting more than two weeks and there’s little sign of let-up in the conflict.  The Israelis continue pounding targets in Gaza City from the air, augmented now by an invasion of ground forces, while Hamas shows little sign of stopping its rocket attacks.  Check out this article from MSNBC for the latest.

If you’re interested in reading more about the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, Greensboro Public Library has plenty of recent books.  Try some of these titles:  Hamas:  A History from Within by Azzam Tamimi; Hamas:  Politics, Charity, and Terrorism in the Service of Jihad by Matthew Levitt; Hamas vs. Fatah:  The Struggle for Palestine by Jonathan Schanzer;  Inside Hamas:  The Untold Story of the Militant Islamic Movement by Zaki Chehab; a PBS Frontline documentary also called Inside Hamas (DVD); Palestine Inside Out:  An Everyday Occupation by Saree Makdisi; The Much Too Promised Land:  America’s Elusive Search for Arab-Israeli Peace by Aaron David Miller; 1948:  A History of the First Arab-Israeli War by Benny Morris; Israel and Palestine:  Peace Plans and Proposals from Oslo to Disengagement by Galia Golan; Six Days in June:  The War that Redefined the Middle East (DVD); and Victory for Us is to See You Suffer:  In the West Bank with the Palestinians and the Israelis by Philip C. Winslow.

Please remember, if you’re interested in the journalistic perspective on the conflict you can find lots of articles in our NC Live databases.  And Facts on File is also a great source; for example, for breaking news on the war from Facts on File, just do a relevant keyword search using a term like “Gaza,” then click on the tab that says “Breaking News-Reuters.”         


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