Obama Inauguration

The inauguration of our 44th president, Mr. Barack Obama (and, of course, the first African American to hold that office), is only a few days away!  We can anticipate wall-to-wall news coverage, and one thing you can bet all the media will spend a lot of time on is simply trying to figure out just how many people are in attendence at this historic event.   

As it turns out, that’s pretty hard to do.  And here’s an interesting MSNBC article on the difficulty in making accurate crowd estimates.  Who knows, it’s possible that several million people may be in Washington D.C. on Tuesday!  

Perhaps one of the best known presidential inaugurations is John F. Kennedy’s, which took place in 1960.  Greensboro Public Library just happens to have a new book about that event called Ask Not:  The Inauguration of John F. Kennedy and the Speech that Changed America by Thurston Clarke.  Another important inaugural was Lincoln’s second in 1864.  Lincoln’s Greatest Speech:  The Second Inaugural by Ronald C. White Jr. describes that event.  And this book, Inaugural Cavalcade, though a bit dated, nonetheless includes accounts of all the presidential inaugurations up to Nixon’s in 1968.  Also, you’ll find lots of books on the presidents in the 973s and our biography section.    

Remember, if you like, you can follow breaking news on the Obama inauguration in Facts on File.  Just do a keyword search using terms like “inauguration” or “Obama,” then click on the tab that says “Breaking News-Reuters.”

Lastly, but certainly not least, Greensboro Public Library will have a live broadcast of the ceremonies on the big screen in the Nussbaum Room, beginning at 11 AM, Tuesday, January 21st.  Any and all are invited to attend.


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