Death of Andrew Wyeth

The American realist painter Andrew Wyeth (b. 1917), perhaps best known for “Christina’s World,” has died at 91, MSNBC reports

The library has a number of books on Wyeth.  If you’re interested, try some of these:  Unknown Terrain:  The Landscapes of Andrew Wyeth by Beth Venn and Adam D. Weinberg; Wyeth People:  A Portrait of Andrew Wyeth as Seen by His Friends and Neighbors by Gene Logsdon; The Art of Andrew Wyeth by Wanda M. Corn; Andrew Wyeth:  Dry Brush and Pencil Drawings, a loan exhibition organized by the Fogg Art Museum 1963; Andrew Wyeth:  Temperas, Watercolors, Dry Brush, Drawings, 1938 into 1966, an exhibition; Christina’s World:  Paintings and Pre-studies of Andrew Wyeth, text by Betsy James Wyeth; Andrew Wyeth:  The Helga Pictures, text by John Wilmerding; Andrew Wyeth:  Close Friends, introduction by Betsy James Wyeth; and In the Footsteps of the Artist:  Thoreau and the World of Andrew Wyeth, photographers, James A. Warner and Margaret J. White.

Also, Camio, a database in NC Live, includes some images of Wyeth’s work, as well as that of many other artists.


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