Western Forests and Global Warming

This MSNBC article discusses alarming increases in the death rates of old-growth forests, which have more than doubled in parts of the western United States in the last two decades.  Scientists have found a correlation between accelerating tree mortality rates and rising temperatures and suspect global warming may be the culprit.

There are of course many sides to the global warming debate — ecological, political, climatological, and so on — and Greensboro Public Library has lots of books on the topic from many points of view.  Try some of these recent titles:   An Appeal to Reason:  A Cool Look at Global Warming by Nigel Lawson; Censoring Science:  Inside the Political Attack on Dr. James Hansen and the Truth of Global Warming by Mark Bowen; Apollo’s Fire:  Igniting America’s Clean-energy Economy by Jay Inslee and Bracken Hendricks; Earth, the Sequel:  The Race to Reinvent Energy and Stop Global Warming by Fred Krupp and Miriam Horn; Earth Under Fire:  How Global Warming is Changing the World by Gary Braasch; Field Notes from a Catastrophe:  Man, Nature, and Climate Change by Elizabeth Kolbert; Fixing Climate:  What Past Climate Changes Reveal About the Current Threat–and How to Counter It by Wallace S. Broecker and Robert Kunzig; Fight Global Warming Now:  The Handbook for Taking Action in Your Community by Bill McKibben and the Step It Up Team, Phil Aroneanu … [et al.]; Global Warming by Debra A. Miller; The Hot Topic:  What We Can Do About Global Warming Gabrielle Walker and Sir David King; Global Warming:  The Rising Storm (DVD); A Global Warning? (DVD); Global Warming:  The Signs and the Science (DVD); Global Warning:  Our Earth’s Last Chance for Change by Paul Brown; and The Global Warming Survival Handbook:  77 Essential Skills to Stop Climate Change–or Live Through It by David de Rothschild

Please keep in mind that environmentalism is a special focus of our Kathleen Clay Edwards Family Branch Library; the balance of our holdings on global warming are located there.  If you have a chance, drop by and browse their collection sometime.

As always, Facts on File and NC Live are good resources for articles on topics like global warming.


One Response

  1. Going green is the key though it’s pretty expensive..
    But I am all for it.
    I feel sad about our human predicament, but it goes to show us humans that we are under the control of a mighty God that can wip the world if He wanted to.
    I leave my life in His hands.

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