Stop! Do not read any further

As I browsed the weekend news I was faced with more and more sad news.  The economy, loss of jobs, and an 18 year old boy forcing a stand-off with police officers.  It reminded me of a friend and fellow professional women’s book discussion group participant.  She stated that she no longer watches or reads the news.  Now, more than ever, I understand what she meant.

Can a book group really help bring folks up from the downward spiral?  The answer is a resounding YES!  The Central Library professional women’s book group has read a few wonderful books that allowed readers to shift to a more positive and productive place.

I feel that everyone should read the Four Agreements.   Our group discussed this classic over a year ago and we still refer back to the basic lessons that we learned.  We also took a great deal away from Quantum Wellness, My Stroke of Insight, Three Cups of Tea, and our new discussion title, Journey 2 Joy.

All of these books have a common theme: choice.  These books can be life changing.  I especially wish that teens would take the time to read these books.  How I wish that I had learned many years ago that I could choose my path. 

The professional women’s book discussion group currently meets at the Mental Health Association of Greensboro on Tuesdays 11:45am – 1pm.  All of the books mentioned above are available at the library.  Whether you feel inclined to join the group or prefer to read on your own, these titles, and many more can help you build confidence and reach your highest potential.


3 Responses

  1. This Book Club is the BEST!! Thank you for all the wonderful books we have read over the years! They have been amazing! I am enjoying participating in this group reading books that are changing my life!!

    Many thanks to Martha Thomas!! The Best Librarian EVER!!

  2. Thank you for your commetns. It is wonderful that our core group has stayed together for three years!

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