Guilford Unemployment Rises to 11%

Just a quick post here to note the February unemployment data for North Carolina counties is in, and Guilford County’s jobless rate has risen to 11.0%.

Some of the county numbers are pretty shocking.  I count 30 with rates of 14% or more, including neighboring Rockingham County (14.2%).  The pain is especially concentrated in smaller, largely rural counties to the east and west (e.g., Swain, 15.9%; Warren, 15.2%; Mitchell, 15.0%; Cherokee, 17.0%; Hyde, 14.7%; Halifax, 14.8%; Graham, 17.9%; and Tyrell 14.4%) and in old textile and furniture manufacturing counties roughly comprising the Western Piedmont near the foot of the Blue Ridge (Caldwell, 16.5%; Burke, 16.0%; Cleveland, 15.8%; Rutherford, 16.0%; Gaston, 15.3%; and McDowell, 15.9%).  Jobless rates in Lee (Sanford), 15.1%, Edgecombe (Tarboro), 16.9%, Anson (Wadesboro), 14.9%, Richmond (Rockingham), 15.0, and Scotland (Laurinburg), 16.9% are also extreme.  You can view the full county unemployment data here.    

This previous post affords links to many of Greensboro Public Library’s job search resources.


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