Stimulus Package Websites

There are several websites about the stimulus package on the  Greensboro Public Library website which you may find helpful. , the official American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (stimulus package) website, tracks stimulus funds as they are disbursed around the country.  On this site, you can also read the text of the Act and share stories of  how stimulus package funds are helping you.  The IRS, the stimulus, and you is a link from the IRS which has other links to stimulus package federal tax features which may be helpful to taxpayers.  Stimulus package provisions affecting businesses through the IRS is a link to an article from the IRS reporter which talks about stimulus package provisions affecting businesses.  For a North Carolina focus, see  This site tracks stimulus package funds coming into North Carolina.  In some cases, it also tells how you can apply for those funds.  To see these and other government websites grouped together, just go to Greensboro Public Library, click on Government, and then click on United States for US sites or North Carolina for North Carolina sites.


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  1. […] smaller towns like Reidsville are said “to have fallen off the radar.”  Here’s our latest post on Stimulus Package links, courtesy of our government docs librarian, Mr. Frank […]

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