Joblink Summer Job Program Web Site

Are you a teen or young adult looking for a summer job?  Is your business or organization in need of help this summer?

Well, Joblink has opened their summer job program application web site this week.  This is for teens/adults ages 15-24 to gain employment over the summer.  Due to the impact of federal stimulus money and the Governor’s Crime Commission funds, Joblink should be able to hire over 500 youth this summer.

Joblink needs jobs/companies/organizations that could use FREE help.  Joblink will train, pay, and insure these youth as well as co-supervise them.  Please determine whether you will have positions these youth could fill, and visit the website and register.


3 Responses

  1. […] If you’re looking for a job, Greensboro Public Library would like to help.  To learn about what we have to offer, try these links to previous posts — here and here.  And here’s an additional link to a post on summer employment for youth. […]

  2. Thank you for posting this, Tim! I just came across this and it answered a gentleman’s question here at the desk!

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