Possible Water Found on One of Saturn’s Moons

I remember many wonderful nights I spent with a backyard telescope as a teenager looking at planets, nebula, star clusters, and other wonders of the heavens. 

But it was my first viewing of the planet Saturn and its system of rings which left the most lasting impression.  Using a homemade six-inch reflector, on especially clear and steady nights I could usually see a division in the rings called Cassini’s Division; and I could nearly always count on a few of Saturn’s brighter moons just being visible as well.   

As it turns out, one of those moons called Enceladus may actually have an underground sea.  At least that’s one of the explanations scientists have suggested for geysers or plumes photographed by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, which has orbited Saturn since 2004.  And, of course, that’s potentially big news because liquid water is one of the fundamental requirements for life.

Greensboro Public Library has plenty of books about astronomy and space exploration in its collection.  If you’re like me and have a special interest in Saturn, you might want to try some of these titles:  Voyages to Saturn by David Morrison; Saturn’s Titan: Voyage to the Mystery Moon (DVD); Imaging Saturn:  The Voyager Flights to Saturn by Henry S.F. Cooper, Jr.; Titan Unveiled:  Saturn’s Mysterious Moon Explored by Ralph Lorenz and Jacqueline Mitton; and Saturn by Elaine Landau (juvenile).

Another place to look for information on the planet Saturn and all sorts of science related stuff is in our database called Science Online.  To use it, all you need is a library card.


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