Community Input Sought For New Library Branch

Wednesday, May 13 at 7 pm

Greensboro Day School

School Cafeteria

5401 Lawndale Drive

Members of the community are invited to provide input on the planning process for the new Library branch to be located in the Lake Jeanette area. In the past these forums have helped the Library Administration create specific services to meet the needs of the immediate community.

The last two branches to be added to the Library system are shining examples of how members of the community helped shape the design and focus of new facilities. The Kathleen Clay Edwards Family Branch offers wonderful resources and programs that focus on nature and the environment. The Hemphill Branch provides materials and programming that blends art and literacy for children and teens.

The format for this meeting is a focused discussion that will cover a small list of relevant questions:

  • What do you really like about the Greensboro Public Library Facilities?
  • What are some of your concerns about the current facilities that you think we should address in this facility?
  • When the project is complete, what does the building look like to you and what programs, resources and services are provided to the community?

In addition to community meetings like this one, an Advisory Group made up of citizens, staff and community leaders is also gathering information and preferences to help create a cohesive vision for this new Library facility. This meeting is an excellent opportunity for residents to have a voice in the planning process.

For more information about the library’s programs and services, please visit Greeensboro Public Library’s webpage.


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