Impressive Stamp Collection Hits the Auction Block

Attention philatelists!  Check out this story from MSNBC about the Robert H. Cunliffe Collection, which has been auctioned in New York by the Spink Shreves Galleries of Dallas, Texas, the last couple of days.  For more news on the sale, click here and here.

Cunliffe, a Pittsburg stockbroker who collected stamps for most of his life, died last year at 83.  One of his specialties was inverted or upside down stamps, which are created when a stamp’s colors are printed separately and a sheet is turned around during one of its runs through the press.  This particular form of error is quite rare, hence “inverts,” as they are called by collectors, can be quite valuable.

Probably the best known invert is the 1918 “inverted Jenny,” an early U.S. airmail stamp with an upside down biplane.  The auction of the Cunliffe Collection was to have included one of these, as well as many other great invert rarities.

If you’re a stamp collector, keep in mind that Greensboro Public Library has the latest Scott Catalogs on hand in its reference collection.  They’re pretty expensive, so we can save you some money if you can afford to take the time to drop by the library when you need to consult them.

We also subscribe to another important resource for stamp collectors, the weekly periodical Linn’s Stamp News.


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