40th Anniversary of First Moon Landing Coming Up

It took a fellow colleague, with his request for me to edit his two entries for our ongoing book blog  here at the Greensboro Public Library, to remind me of the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing.  This momentous occasion took place on July 20th, 1969, and it’s rather odd that more hasn’t been made of it.  Maybe it’s the fact that there is such a large percentage of the population that wasn’t even born when it happened, or that the glamour of such a thing, which was huge news in the late 1960s, barely even phases our technologically-driven world of today. 

I don’t remember it vividly, as I was four at the time, but I do remember my dad bringing our 12 inch portable TV to the beach that year, something he would never do otherwise.  I guess it was to make sure “you children don’t miss history in the making.”  We didn’t, and amid all the static-ridden radio transmissions and patchy videos, one got to see a group of men step onto a round chunk of rock a quarter of a million miles away – definitely awe-inspiring at the time.

There’s been a number of news articles recently about the 1969 moon landing.  There are right many that focus on the 40th anniversary aspect; there are others about conspiracy/hoax theories as well.  Here’s a few links of interest below, or do your own search in news.google.com using “moon landing” as search terms: 

NASA orbiter offers images of moon landing sites  (Los Angeles Times)

NASA refurbishes video copies of moon landing  (Associated Press)

Apollo’s Historic Lunar Landing  (lots of historical pictures, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal)

The Greensboro Public Library also has a number of books pertaining to the Apollo 11 mission.  Here’s a few to ponder:

First man : the life of Neil A. Armstrong / James R. Hansen

Rocket men : the epic story of the first men on the moon / Craig Nelson 

Dark side of the moon : the magnificent madness of the American lunar quest / Gerard J. DeGroot.

Magnificent desolation : the long journey home from the moon / Buzz Aldrin ; with Ken Abraham (on order)


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