New Exhibition Focuses on Lord Carnarvon, Co-Discoverer of King Tut’s Tomb

Check out this article from MSNBC on a new exhibition at Highclere Castle, located near Newbury, England, and ancestral home of the Carnarvon family, the most famous of whom, George Herbert, the 5th Earl, funded the expedition which led to the discovery of the tomb of Egypt’s young King Tutankhamun (or Tutankhamen, or simply “King Tut”), one of the greatest finds in the history of archaeology.

Perhaps the most familiar story about Lord Carnarvon is the allegation he was the victim of some sort of “mummy’s curse,” owing to the fact that he died of blood poisoning amidst portentous circumstances just a few months after the tomb was discovered.  As the MSNBC story relates, “His death was marked by all lights going out in Cairo and his dog, Susie, dying at Highclere at the exact time of her master’s death in Cairo.”

You can read more about the Egyptian Exhibition on the Highclere Castle website.

And, if you’d like to learn more about King Tutankhamun, please consider some of these Greensboro Public Library titles:  Pharaoh’s Flowers:  The Botanical Treasures of Tutankhamun by F. Nigel Hepper; Tutankhamun:  The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs by Zahi Hawass; King Tutankhamun:  The Mystery Unsealed (DVD); The Mysterious Death of Tutankhamunby Paul Doherty; In Search of Tutankhamun:  The Discovery of a King’s Tombby Giovanni Caselli (juvenile); The Complete Tutankhamun:  The King, the Tomb, the Royal Treasure by Nicholas Reeves; Imagining Egypt:  A Living Portrait of the Time of the Pharaohsby Mark Millmore; Tutankhamen: The Life and Death of the Boy-king by Christine El Mahdy; The Murder of Tutankhamen:  A True Story by Bob Brier; Tutankhamen, Life and Death of a Pharaoh by Christiane Desroches-Noblecourt; Who Killed King Tut?:  Using Modern Forensics to Solve a 3,300-year-old Mystery by Michael R. King and Gregory M. Cooper with Don DeNevi; In the Valley of the Kings:  Howard Carter and the Mystery of King Tutankhamun’s Tombby Daniel Meyerson; Tutankhamen’s Tomb:  Uncover the Secrets And Treasures of Ancient Egypt by Jen Green (juvenile).


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