Archaeologists Begin Dig at Alamance Battle Site

Here‘s an article from today’s News and Record about the first steps in exploring the site of the Battle of Alamance by a team of Wake Forest archaeologists. 

The battle marked the end of the “War of the Regulation,” a conflict begun by Piedmont North Carolina farmers calling themselves the Regulators, which some see as a precursor to the American Revolution.

The battle took place on 16 May 1771 when 2,000 Regulators, led by Herman Husband, faced off against 1,000 militia led by Governor William Tryon.  Tryon’s men made quick work of the Regulators, and some were captured and later executed.

The battle’s location, near Burlington, is now a state historic site.

Greensboro Public Library has several books on this topic, if you’d like to delve deeper, though most of them are non-circulating titles in our North Carolina Collection at Central Library.  Our holdings include:  The Battle of Alamance:  (The First Battle of the American Revolution) by William Edward Fitch; Revolutionary History of North Carolina:  In Three Lectures by Rev. Francis L. Hawks, Hon. David L. Swain, LL.D., and Hon. Wm. A. Graham, LL.D. ; to Which is Prefixed a Preliminary Sketch of the Battle of the Alamance, compiled by William D. Cooke; Some Neglected History of North Carolina;  Being an Account of the Revolution of the Regulators and of the Battle of Alamance, the First Battle of the American Revolution, by William Edwards Fitch; and The War of the Regulation and the Battle of Alamance, May 16, 1771 by William S. Powell.


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