Some Election Day FAQs for Greensboro City Voters by Frank Barefoot

1)      What time will the polls open on election day? 

6:30 a. m.

2)      What time will the polls close on election day? 

7:30 p. m. 

3)      What is the phone number of the Guilford County Board of Elections?


4)      Can I register to vote AND vote on Election Day, November 3?


5)      My next-door neighbor told me we’re in a different Greensboro City Council district.  What’s going on? 

Between the 2007 Greensboro city election and this one, Greensboro annexed a large amount of land and a large number of people on the west side of the city.  So, the city council districts had to be redrawn to satisfy a number of legal requirements.  You are one of the 42,000 voters in the new city limits whose precinct was moved from one district to another as a result of this district boundary redrawing. 

6)      Who are the Democratic and Republican Party candidates in this election? 

The Greensboro city election is non-partisan, and that means that candidates do not run with party labels.

7)      Can I vote for a write-in candidate?  


8)      I live outside of Greensboro.  Why can’t I vote today? 

This election is only for Greensboro City Council candidates, and you can’t vote for them unless you live inside the Greensboro city limits.

9)      I’ve got to go and vote this afternoon, but I don’t know who the people are I’m supposed to choose from.   How can I find out? 

If you have a computer with Internet access, you can go to, the website of the Guilford County Board of Elections.  Then follow these steps:

Click on Voter Information Lookup and Sample Ballot (a link on the lefthand side).

Click on My Election Information

Put in your first name, last name, and birth date, and choose your county.

Click on My Districts.

Under City, you’ll see your ward (city council district).

Then, use your back arrow twice and X out of the Voter Information Lookup screen.  Click on 2009 Municipal Election Composite Sample Ballot.  Each voter will be voting for mayor, 3 at-large city council members, 1 district city council member, and Yes or No on some Natural Science Center bonds.


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