Unemployment Getting Better?

With national unemployment at 10.0%, but down .2% from its October high, some, such as Newsweek’s Daniel Gross, are arguing that the jobs situation is beginning to turn around.    

As evidence, Gross points to the November jobs data which shows that job losses slowed to 11,000 last month.  That’s the best we’ve done since the recession started.  He also notes the service sector has actually been adding jobs lately, and that more temporary jobs are being created as well.

However, Paul Krugman threw a little cold water on all the unemployment optimists in his blog the other day.  He pointed out that in order for us to reach “more or less full employment in 5 years,” we need to add an average of a whopping 300,000 jobs per month.  We’ve obviously got a long way to go to reach that point. 

At any rate, if you’re caught in the employment squeeze and looking for a job, be sure and check out Greensboro Public Library’s page for job seekers.


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