Do the Russians Really Have a Piece of Hitler’s Skull?

Here’s an interesting story from CNN on a skull fragment long claimed by the Russians to be that of Nazi German Dictator Adolf Hitler.

Of course, most everyone is familiar with the story of Hitler’s suicide in his bunker deep in the heart of Berlin just as World War II came to an end in 1945.  The Fuehrer’s remains were burned and buried in a bomb crater just outside the bunker and later unearthed by the Russians.  Since then, they have possessed this skull fragment (first publicized, I believe, after the fall of the Soviet Union).

However, it seems University of Connecticut researchers dispute Russian claims, arguing on the basis of DNA evidence that the skull fragment is not in fact Hitler’s but rather belonged to a woman.

The story of the UConn researchers’ DNA work on the supposed Hitler bone fragments, as well as additional research they conducted, was the subject of a History Channel documentary in September with the rather sensational title, “Hitler’s Escape.”

But, if you’re a ninety-something Nazi down in Uruguay, before you go off the deep end yelling “za Fuehrer lives!,” you should know that UConn researchers said there is “nothing in their findings that significantly challenges the conclusion that Hitler died in the bunker.”     

If nothing else, the controversy has at least led to the surfacing of documentation on how the former Soviet government disposed of what are presumed to have been the rest of Hitler’s remains — which are believed to have been destroyed about 1970.

If you’re interested, Greensboro Public library has lots of books on Hitler.  Our most recent acquisitions include Pat Buchanan’s controversial Churchill, Hitler, and “The Unnecessary War”:  How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World, and Warlords:  An Extraordinary Re-creation of World War II through the Eyes and Minds of Hitler, Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin by Simon Berthon and Joanna Potts.


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