As Many as 50,000 Feared Dead in Haitian Earthquake

The big world news the last few days has been of course the devastating earthquake in Haiti.  

Today the International Red Cross estimated as many as 50,000 may have been killed

Said to be the “poorest country in the Western Hemisphere,” Haiti under even ordinary circumstances has inferior transportation and communications infrastructure.   Officials thus face extremely difficult challenges providing assistance to the victims of the 7.0 magnitude quake.   

If you’re interested in helping, here’s another story which lists charitable organizations and various aid agencies active in the country. 

If you’re curious about earthquakes, Greensboro Public Library may have some books which will interest you.  Try some of these:  Earthquakes:  Witness to Disaster by Judy and Dennis Fradin (juvenile); Richter’s Scale: Measure of an Earthquake, Measure of a Man and Earthshaking Science:  What We Know (and Don’t Know) About Earthquakes by Susan Elizabeth Hough; and Simon Winchester’s A Crack in the Edge of the World:  America and the Great California Earthquake of 1906.


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