IRS Tax Forms at Greensboro Public Library locations

IRS tax forms are available at Greensboro Public Library locations in a number of ways.  Free copies of the following forms can be picked up at any library location:  1040 forms, 1040 instructions, 1040A forms, 1040A instructions, 1040EZ forms, 1040EZ instructions, schedule 2441, schedule 2441 instructions, schedule R, schedule R instructions, schedule A, schedule B, schedule EIC, schedule L, schedule M, and form 4868. 

Some other IRS forms can be photocopied from a reproducible tax forms notebook provided by the IRS.  The price per photocopy is 15 cents with coins or 10 cents with a copy/print  card.  Still other forms can be printed out from the IRS website.   Prints are 10 cents each and are made with a copy/print card.  The card costs $1.00, has 10 prints value on it, and can have more money added as the first 1o prints value is used.   Library card holders can sign on to a public computer with Internet access with their library card number.


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