Electronic Tax Filing at Greensboro Public Library Locations

If you have a Greensboro Public Library card and want to file your taxes online, you can do so at any library location.  Websites which provide free or low-cost filing for NC returns and IRS returns are shown with requirements and links at the N. C. Department of Revenue e-file requirements link.  Websites which provide free IRS return filing (including those at the link above) and free or fee-based NC return filing can be found at a link maintained by the IRS – 2010 Free File.  Taxpayers can sign on to public computers at any library location with their library card numbers.  Prints are 10 cents each and can be made with a print card.  The card costs $1.00, comes with 10 prints value, and can be reloaded with more value as it is used.

NC Tax Form Access at Greensboro Public Library Locations

In an effort to reduce cost and encourage electronic filing, the N. C. Department of Revenue will not provide tax forms or instruction booklets to libraries and post offices for give-away to the public this year.  Taxpayers with Greensboro Public Library cards can sign on to a public-use computer at a library location and download and print out NC tax forms and instruction booklets at the N. C. Department of Revenue download site.  At library locations, printouts cost 10 cents each.  They are made with a print card.  The card costs $1.00 and comes with 10 prints value on it.  More value can be added to the card as it is used.   If a taxpayer prefers to order forms online instead of printing them out, he/she can do so at another link available-the N. C. Department of Revenue order site.  Forms ordered in this way are free.

IRS Tax Forms at Greensboro Public Library locations

IRS tax forms are available at Greensboro Public Library locations in a number of ways.  Free copies of the following forms can be picked up at any library location:  1040 forms, 1040 instructions, 1040A forms, 1040A instructions, 1040EZ forms, 1040EZ instructions, schedule 2441, schedule 2441 instructions, schedule R, schedule R instructions, schedule A, schedule B, schedule EIC, schedule L, schedule M, and form 4868. 

Some other IRS forms can be photocopied from a reproducible tax forms notebook provided by the IRS.  The price per photocopy is 15 cents with coins or 10 cents with a copy/print  card.  Still other forms can be printed out from the IRS website.   Prints are 10 cents each and are made with a copy/print card.  The card costs $1.00, has 10 prints value on it, and can have more money added as the first 1o prints value is used.   Library card holders can sign on to a public computer with Internet access with their library card number.

Tax Help at Library Locations for 2010

What follows is Greensboro Public Library’s schedule for free tax help for your 2009 tax returns.  AARP Taxaide will help low and middle income taxpayers, especially those 60 and over.  VITA will help taxpayers who make $49,000 or less.  These volunteers may be unable to assist you with very complex returns. Documents you should bring with you are listed after the schedule below.

Central Library AARP* Taxaide (first come, first served): 

Every Tuesday and Thursday starting Tuesday, February 2, through Thursday, April 15, from 9:30-4 

Three February Fridays from 12:30-4: Feb 12, Feb 19, and Feb 26

Central Library VITA** (first come, first served): 

Every Saturday starting Saturday, February 6, through Saturday, April 10, 9:30 am -12:30 pm

EXCEPTIONS:  February 13 (President’s Day Saturday) and April 3 (Easter Saturday)

Benjamin Branch (first come, first served):

Tuesdays  starting Feb. 2 and ending Tuesday, April 6, 4-7 pm

Saturdays starting Jan 30 and ending Saturday, April 10, 10 am – 1 pm 

EXCEPTION:  Easter Saturday, April 3

Vance Chavis Branch (Appointment only, 373-5838):

Thursdays starting Thursday, February 4, through Thursday, April 8, 6:15-9 pm

Glenwood Branch (first come, first served):

Friday, Jan 29, 3-5 pm

Saturdays starting Jan 30 and ending March 27, 9:30-11:30 am

McGirt-Horton Branch (Appointment only, phone 373-5810):

Tuesdays starting Feb 2 and ending April 6, 6:30 pm on

All tax filers should bring: 1) Social Security cards for themselves, spouses, and dependents; 2) government issued photo IDs or driver’s licenses for themselves and spouses; 3) copies of last year’s tax return; 4) all forms that show federal income tax paid; and 5) all documents concerning income. 

Frank Barefoot, Greensboro Public Library

*American Association of Retired Persons

** Volunteers in Tax Assistance