Successful Telescope Viewing at Kathleen Clay Edwards Family Branch!

This is just a brief follow-up to our post on the meteorology/ astronomy program Monday evening at Kathleen Clay Edwards Family Branch, with special reference to the telescope viewing. 

Three telescopes were set up, two of which belonged to Greensboro Astronomy Club President Stan Rosenberg, who also did an excellent presentation during the meteorology segment of the program, and the Club’s Treasurer, John P. Cory, who brought along a fine long-focus 8 inch reflector which he built himself.  In addition, we set up Kathleen Clay’s 8 inch Dobsonian reflector; the mount was a little shaky and needs some work, but we were able to get some good views of the Moon.

One of the highlights of the evening was a weather balloon, which we just happened to spy over head while viewing the Moon.  Mr. Rosenberg commented that it was only the second one he’d seen in 30 years.  Basically, it looked like a silver orb with a tail flapping around behind it.  Seeing a weather balloon was quite a coincidence, coming just after the branch’s meteorology program! 

As Monday was more or less the longest day of the year, darkness came very late — after nine.  About 9:10 or so we picked up some stars and detected Saturn.  Mr. Cory directed his big reflector at the planet and pushed the magnification up to about 300x with a 6mm eyepiece.  Saturn’s rings are close to edge-on now and quite spectacular!

At any rate, it was a great program and we look forward to doing more.


“Stormy Night,” an Evening of Meteorology at Kathleen Clay Edwards Family Branch

Please note that we’ll be having a meteorology program at the Kathleen Clay Edwards Family Branch on Monday night, June 21st, at 7:30 PM.  Sounds like they’ll be doing lots of fun and educational weather-related stuff which the whole family can enjoy.

Also, if weather permits we’ll be pulling out Kathleen Clay’s big reflecting telescope.  I tested it out on the Moon last night, and the view was pretty impressive!  In fact, I think it’s quite likely we’ll have two telescopes set-up for all you star-gazers.    

Hope to see you there!

Earth Day Celebration Coming Up at Kathleen Clay Edwards Family Branch

Earth Day Celebration at
Kathleen Clay Edwards Family Branch Library

Saturday, April 10
1 – 5 pm
1420 Price Park Rd.
The Library’s Annual Earth Day Celebration is scheduled for Saturday, April 10 from 1 – 5 pm at the Kathleen Clay Edwards Family Branch Library.  Fun for the whole family, this year’s celebration includes live animals, hay rides, nature walks, geocaching, gardening and nature exhibits, entertainment, nature crafts, alternative vehicles, eco-art, solar and technology displays and much more.  All activities are free and open to the public.
As a warm-up to the Earth Day Celebration, everyone is invited to participate in the Great American Cleanup from 9 am to noon on April 10.  Sponsored by Greensboro Beautiful, the Cleanup takes place throughout the city. Individuals, groups and families are encouraged to show their respect for the environment and our city by helping clean up Greensboro.  To participate, contact Lynne Leonard at Greensboro Beautiful (373-2199 or lynne.leonard@)  The event is sponsored by Kathleen Clay Edwards Family Branch Library and Field Operations.
To learn more about the Earth Day Celebration, contact Kathleen Clay Library at 373-2923.  For more information on Library programs and resources visit our website at