Credit 101: Helping Make Sense of Good Credit

Credit 101 is a part of the Future Cents project.  Teens and adults are invited to learn more about establishing and repairing their credit score.  It is all about the number!  Learn what the number is.  How to protect your score and more!  Credit 101 will be held at the Cultural Center Boardroom next door to the Central Library.  Mrs. Shiela Dalcoe will present from 6:30 to 7:00 and leave time for questions.
You may register by contacting Martha Larson (373-4559).  For more financial information and details about Future Cents visit

Teaching Money Skills for Life

Fall series kicks off August 30

Future Cents in an interactive series of workshops that will help give teens a reality check about money management. How many of us as parents see them repeating our mistakes with money. Give them the tools that they need to succeed and not fall into traps. Take advantage of the free workshops that teach young people to live beyond today and investing in their future. For more: See details about programs, information about the iPad drawing and resources.

The kick off event is Monday evening, August 30 and will present banking topics and Keys to Money Mastery.  Algenon Cash wears many hats in this community. As owner and managing director of Wharton Gladden & Company, writer, radio personality, and community enthusiast, Mr. Cash has his hands on many projects.  Currently, he is integrally involved with Future Cents, the Greensboro Public Library’s financial education project for teens.  “I firmly believe that financial literacy is the civil rights issue of the 21st century. Americans do not understand basic skills such as how to balance a checkbook. Programs such as Future Cents are creating a discussion about a critical issue facing our youth,” says Cash.

Fall series kicks off August 30.

Raising Money Smart Kids

How well adjusted are our children when it comes to money?  Statistics show that young people are buying more and accumulating more debt than ever before.  Future Cents is a grant funded project that will help youth and their parents learn budgeting, checking, saving, investing and more.  The goal of Future Cents is to help youngsters develop good money skills.  Too often older teens get a first  job or obtain student loans for college and they have little knowledge of managing their money as they become adults.

The website provides details on programming and resources to help teens and adults learn more about financial responsibility.  The programming begins June 12 with 2 sessions: Credit 101 for teens and Understanding Your Credit Report for Adults.  As Future Cents develops we hope to build a program that is attractive to teens and provides them with the skills to become independent and responsible adults.  This project will run through December 2011 so you will see more as resources and programs are added. 

Community involvement is key for the success of this program.  I am pleased to announce that the Black Achievers group at the Hayes-Taylor YMCA will work hard this summer to learn the skills that the Future Cents curriculum offers and go out to mentor younger kids in learning good money habits.  This is just one way that the community is coming together to make Future Cents a success for young people.

Job Hunters Hangout

With every passing month I see more and more people taking advantage of our library’s resources to job hunt, gain new computer skills and pick up vital job tips during our monthly programs for job seekers. even picked up on the renewed use of the library by posting an article on their blog.  Keep an eye out on our Calendar of Events to see what we have coming up!

Community Input Sought For New Library Branch

Wednesday, May 13 at 7 pm

Greensboro Day School

School Cafeteria

5401 Lawndale Drive

Members of the community are invited to provide input on the planning process for the new Library branch to be located in the Lake Jeanette area. In the past these forums have helped the Library Administration create specific services to meet the needs of the immediate community.

The last two branches to be added to the Library system are shining examples of how members of the community helped shape the design and focus of new facilities. The Kathleen Clay Edwards Family Branch offers wonderful resources and programs that focus on nature and the environment. The Hemphill Branch provides materials and programming that blends art and literacy for children and teens.

The format for this meeting is a focused discussion that will cover a small list of relevant questions:

  • What do you really like about the Greensboro Public Library Facilities?
  • What are some of your concerns about the current facilities that you think we should address in this facility?
  • When the project is complete, what does the building look like to you and what programs, resources and services are provided to the community?

In addition to community meetings like this one, an Advisory Group made up of citizens, staff and community leaders is also gathering information and preferences to help create a cohesive vision for this new Library facility. This meeting is an excellent opportunity for residents to have a voice in the planning process.

For more information about the library’s programs and services, please visit Greeensboro Public Library’s webpage.