Two GPL Librarians in England, Post #5: The Yorkshire Dales

Castlebergh Crag Rising Above the Town of Settle

When I was planning my trip to England I discovered — thanks to a traveler’s atlas one of my colleagues loaned me — that the little town of Settle nestled in the Yorkshire Dales was fairly close to Gareth and Heidi’s home in Haslingden, Lancashire.

This was of particular interest to me, because one of my mother’s grandmothers was a Suttle, and genealogical research indicates that Settle and Suttle are related surnames.  To make a long story short, researchers of the family’s history believe the Settle/Suttle Family actually originated in this quaint Yorkshire Dales village.

Anyway, I was keen to go there, so Gareth planned a short train trip on the Settle-Carlisle Railway through the Yorkshire Dales.  Beginning at the Hellifield station, we rode the line as far as Appleby, where we especially enjoyed the old parish church, then on our return stopped at Settle and had lunch at Ye Olde Naked Man Cafe

Yorkshire Dales Scenery Snapped from the Train

The mountain scenery in the Dales was absolutely spectacular, though a little forbidding and desolate as well — the landscape was dotted with numerous abandoned cottages made of stone which I took to be quite old.  But we all enjoyed particularly the crossing of a viaduct built in the 1870s, and said to be something of an engineering marvel.

The Settle area is known for its caves, but we just enjoyed walking around the town a bit.  Above it rises a picturesque limestone cliff or crag known as Castlebergh, about 300 ft. in height.

For others interested in the Yorkshire Dales, Greensboro Public Library has Great Walks, Yorkshire Dales by Frank Duerden.

On the way back, we had some fine views of Pendle Hill, an impressive peak which Heidi, Gareth and some of my other friends have had the good fortune to climb.  Later that evening, we had delicious meal at the home of Gareth’s parents, Dave and Carole, located in Heywood. 

Next morning, it was off to Bath.  More about that in our next post.