Auction of Rare Honus Wagner Baseball Card

Like a lot of youngsters growing up, I bought plenty of baseball and other sports cards — especially during a stretch of about three years from 1970-72 when I simply couldn’t get enough of them.  I still have all those cards too, though I pretty much lost interest in them as a teenager.

But baseball card collectors of all stripes probably will be interested in this story:  a rare ca. 1910 Honus Wagner card is currently being auctioned online.

Wagner (1874-1955) was an all-time great shortstop who won eight batting titles during a career that spanned between 1897 and 1917. 

Fewer than sixty cards depicting him from the T206 American Tobacco Company series are believed to have survived.  Among sports card collectors, the Honus Wagner baseball card has an almost legendary status — you might call it “the black tulip of baseball cards.”    

A few years ago a Wagner card sold for $2.8 million.  But the card currently up for auction at Heritage Auction Galleries is in poor condition, and it’s believed it won’t fetch more than $200,000 — still a nifty little sum for a baseball card!  The auction ends November 4th, by the way.  You can examine the card and read the description of it here.      

If you’re interested in learning more about the Honus Wagner baseball card, here’s a juvenile title kids out there might like.   Greensboro Public Library also owns an adult book on the Honus Wagner card, titled The Card:  Collectors, Con Men, and the True Story of History’s Most Desired Baseball Card by Michael O’Keeffe and Teri Thompson. 

And if you think you might have a valuable baseball card, you can check its value in our copy of Krause Publications’ Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards.