Some Great Spring Book Sales Coming Up in Greensboro!

Hey, if you’re a book collector or just love books and like to read, we’ve got a couple of great book sales coming up here in Greensboro that you will not want to miss.

First of all, one of Greensboro’s best annual sales is held each April by St. Francis Episcopal Church.  Back when I was a real fanatic, I used to get up at four in the morning just so I could be first in line at this one.  This year the sale will be held Thurs., April 29th (10 AM-8 PM), Fri., April 30th (10 AM-8 PM), and Sat., May 1st (10 AM-2 PM).  The church is located at 3506 Lawndale Drive.

On the same day St. Francis’ sale wraps up (May 1st), the Friends of Greensboro Public Library hold their Semi-annual Spring Book Sale at Central Library, located at 219 N. Church in downtown Greensboro.  Hours for the sale are 9 AM-2 PM & 2:30 PM-3 PM.  The latter time I believe is for their bag sale.

St. Francis’ sale is huge, estimated at about 50,000 volumes.  Greensboro Public Library’s is not so large, but you bibliophiles will find plenty of goodies at both.     

While I’m enumerating local sales, I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention the Beth David Synagogue Book Sale, but that’s a wintertime event & for the next one you’ll have to wait until January 29th-31st, 2011.          

If you’d like to learn more about book sales in North Carolina and elsewhere, you may want to check out